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Vini Rossi – Red wines 175ml Glass 250ml Glass Bottle
San Leo Rosso
Dry fresh and fruity
£4.30 £5.40 £14.50
Clean aroma, spicy, fruity, and full of flavour
£4.30 £5.25 £15.95
Montepulciano D’Abruzzo
Scent of almond and wild berries
£4.50 £5.95 £17.50
Classic fresh and fruity
Cherry fruit flavours with a fragrance of crushed raspberries
Chianti Classico DOCG
Dry and harmonious taste with floral notes and aroma of red fruits
Barolo DOCG
One of Italy’s greatest wines, full bodies and intense flavour


Vino Rosato– Rose wines 175ml Glass 250ml Glass Bottle
Pinot Grigio Pink
Dry, smooth finish
£4.60 £5.95 £16.50


Vini Bianchi – White wines 175ml Glass 250ml Glass Bottle
San Leo Bianco
Dry, fresh and fruity
£4.30 £5.40 £14.50
Pinot Grigio
Dry, fresh with a smooth finish
£4.60 £5.95 £16.50
Vinous with a distinctive delicate aroma
Tangy and dry with intense fruit, crisp and clean
Full flavour and enjoyable touch of pistachio in the mouth
Great bouchet, citrus flavour and flower aroma
Verdicchio DOC
Crisp, dry flavours of citrus


Sparkling Wines 175ml Glass 250ml Glass Bottle
Prosecco £22.50
Champagne £35.00